After the Canadian Citizenship Test

Planning to get the Canadian Citizenship and applying for the same is comprised up of a test called as the Canadian Citizenship Test. This test consists of some questions about moral values, geography, history, civics and politics of Canada; also you need to be expert in any of the official languages of the country to pass this test. Let’s know more about the test and post test ceremony

About the citizenship test

The citizenship test, as discussed earlier is based upon some everything about Canada. The main objective of the test is to determine whether you know about the country well or not earlier than you become the citizen of Canada. You are offered with the opportunity of oral or written test as per your choice. To give the test, you are provided with a date and time by CIC.

After the test

Results of the test are declared right after you take it. Those who pass the test as well as meet other eligibility criteria are invited in the next Citizenship Ceremony for which date is given to the application just after he or she passes the test. Also, the CIC officer will mail you letter with the date and time for participation in ceremony. Generally, the ceremony takes place after six months of the test. In the ceremony, people who have fulfilled all the eligibilities and passed the citizenship test take oath of the Canada citizenship and are offered with a citizenship certificate.

If one fails test

In case one who applied for the citizenship fails in the citizenship test but fulfill other eligibilities to become the citizen of Canada, he or she is provided with the date for second test. In this way, the applicant can prepare well and give the test again. If one fails the test in second time also, he or she gets a notice to attend an interview with a citizenship officer. At this interview, the officer asks questions orally so that the candidate gets another chance to show that he or she should be provided the citizenship as they meet all the requirements including knowledge about the country to become the Canadian citizen. The interview occurs for 30 to 90 minutes.

Processing of applications

People who have applied for the citizenship of Canada with their family and send their application forms in the same envelope, if called for an interview separately, they should go for the interview. If they want all the applications to be processed together, you should make a service request for this purpose in the call center.

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