How to apply for Canadian citizenship

People who are planning to become a Canadian citizen for any reason needs to collect some important information about this deal first. Whether you want to continue your higher studies in Canada or you want to get a good job there, you will require passing the Canadian citizenship test to get to become the citizen of Canada. This test is administered by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. This test is required to be passed by people from the age of 18 to 54 and those who are willing to get the Canadian Citizenship. One can apply for the test in English, French and all the official languages of Canada.

Determination of eligibility

In order to apply for the Canadian citizenship, you should first determine whether you are eligible for the test or not. One need to go through six important aspects earlier than applying for the citizenship test.


Age should be at least 18 years and for children, you must be parents, legal guardian or adoptive parent of the child.

Permanent residency details

Having a permanent residency of Canada for the citizenship is must and if you don’t have PR card, you can still apply for the citizenship. People having the expired PR card (official proof of your permanent residency in Canada) can also apply for the citizenship test.

Duration you lived in Canada

You should have lived up to three years in the country to get Citizenship.

Criminal history

People who have been convicted of indictable offence in Canada or those who are in prison, parole or probation are not eligible to get citizenship of Canada. Also, those whose citizenship has been taken away during the past five years are ineligible for the citizenship.

Knowledge about Canada

You should have good knowledge about the history, symbols, institutions and values of Canada.

Application for the Canadian citizenship

After checking that you are eligible of applying for the Canadian citizenship, you can get application form for the same online and fill it with all the correct information. Then pay the application fees and submit the form.

Prepare for the citizenship test

The test lasts for 30 minutes and consists of 20 multiple choice questions. You need to give at least 75 percent right answers to pass the test. If you fail the test, you can apply again for the same after three months. The questions are comprised from history, geography, politics and civics of Canada.

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