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So you are planning to move to Canada. Well, it is a matter of lots of courage to move towards a new country; especially when you are willing to get citizenship of the country. When it comes upon applying for citizenship of Canada, you should be sure about that you are expecting to be a part of a big tradition where you will have to follow certain rules. The Canadian citizenship is something more than just meeting legal requirements for becoming a citizen of Canada. After you pass the citizenship test, you are invited in the citizenship ceremony for accepting some rules and responsibilities of citizenship. In order to pass the eligibility test for Canadian citizenship test, you should have good knowledge about the country. Lots of good and amazing things are there to know about Canada but first of all you should have basic knowledge and detailed information about physical and political features of the country.

What should you know about the country?

With its generation to generation culture, the country has developed a free, prosperous and law-abiding society. As Canada welcomes newcomers from all around the world to the shore, it has a wide variety of cultures and traditions. Settlers and immigrants from different countries habituating in Canada have contributed diversity and prosperity to the nation for over 400 years. So, in order to discover the process of building of constitution, amendments of laws and important historical aspects, you should learn history in detail.

Similarly, it is also important for you to know about geographical features of the land. Knowledge about constitutional monarchy, democracy and economical aspects of the country ensures your way to pass the citizenship eligibility test. All the Canadian citizens need to know about rights and responsibilities of citizenship and follow it with full dedication.

From where to collect information?

Knowing everything about Canada is possible through the CIC guide. Citizens of Canada contribute their culture to the country and feel proud to have their identity there. Many citizens opt for serving in army and navy forces to sacrifice their lives for defending the land. In order to attain the citizenship, knowing better about the history, geography, democratic institutions, symbols, values, rights and responsibilities is enough for you.

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