Canadian Citizenship Application Process

Applying for the Canadian citizenship is important for those who want to stay in Canada permanently. Whether you are applying for job in Canada or you are willing to go there for higher studies, knowing the right process of application for citizenship is good for you. Following proper rules and terms in this direction simplifies your way to get citizenship of Canada. Here are detailed eligibility criteria for Canadian Citizenship –


One needs to be at least 18 years old for application of Canadian citizenship. In this way, children need not to apply separately for the citizenship as their parents can fill application for their citizenship also along with their own application form. Children need not to pass the eligibility test. They are offered the citizenship along with their parents when they pass test and receive the citizenship certificate. But filling application form on behalf of children and depositing citizenship fees is important.


Permanent residency of Canada is important for those who want to achieve citizenship of Canada. Also, it is to be noted that you should not have been undergoing any immigration investigation, order of vanish from Canada or immigration enquiry. If you have even an expiry PR card of Canada and you don’t bear any immigration enquiry, you can apply for the Canadian citizenship.

Duration of residence

If you want to secure the Canadian citizenship, you should be a resident of the country for at least three years within past four years of your application. Here one thing to remember is that the number of days you lived in Canada is counted as half so you should notice this fact especially during the time you apply for the Canadian citizenship. You can calculate the actual residency time in Canada with the citizenship and immigration Canada residency calculator.

Language abilities

French and English are the two official languages of Canada and you should know at least one of these languages well to get the citizenship of Canada.

Criminal History

The Canadian laws are so strict for offences. If you have a criminal record or you have been charged with certain criminal activities, you may be rejected for the citizenship.

How to apply for citizenship?

Application is filled and printed out from the official website of Canada citizenship. Then submission of application and payment of fees is done. For this, you need to mail the form with all the important documents such as two identity proofs, two signed citizenship photos, proof of PR, receipt of payment etc. After this process, you will be notified confirmation of receiving the application and you can verify the status of application online. Then you are subjected for Canadian citizenship test.

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