Benefits of the Canadian Citizenship

There are many benefits for the person who are getting Canadian Citizen as they can easily live, work and study in Canada. Along with that there are many other benefits that will help the person in different fields. Some of them will includes

Right to apply for passport of Canada:

Once person gets the Canadian citizenship he can easily apply for a Canadian passport. Application form along with information for getting the passport is provided at free of cost where person will not have to spend single penny for it. Person will only have to pay processing fees which should be payable at Canadian Government offices.

Right to reside outside Canada:

After getting Canadian citizenship, person is having the full right to live outside Canada for any duration of time.

Right for citizenship to children residing outside Canada:

If person is having citizenship of Canada and he or she is having baby girl or boy who has born outside of Canada is also entitled for citizenship in Canada.

Right to vote:

Person is having the full right to vote in Canada after getting Canadian citizenship. Persons are qualified to vote in federal elections along in referendums.

Right to get jobs in federal government:

After getting Canadian citizenship person is having the full right to get jobs in federal government. Person who is not having Canadian citizenship is not entitled to get job. Canadian citizenship is required to get the jobs in government sector.

Right to Visit or Travel to United States:

When person holds Canadian passport, they can easily visit to United States. For travel, person will not require any tourist visa to get enter in US. Person can easily apply for job in US if they are having Canadian citizen ship.

Right to avail social benefits:

Person who is getting an advantage of Canadian citizenship is having the full right to avail social benefits where person will be getting the best healthcare along with education at free of cost. Student’s government loans along with employment insurance facility are provided to the citizens of India.

Thus these are many services which can be easily availed by the person by getting the citizenship of Canada as people will become the part of federal government where they will be having the right to vote in elections along with enjoying the right to travel in some other countries where person will not have to take permit.

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