Know More about the Canadian Citizenship Eligibility

Finding a way to get citizenship of Canada is not a tough task but one needs to be in touch of some reliable informative sources for this purpose. You might have known a lot already about the citizenship test and requirements for citizenship of Canada but now terms are changed as a result of 2014 amendment in citizenship act. Know more about the Canadian Citizenship Eligibility within the points described below –


The first eligibility you need to fulfill for getting the Canadian Citizenship is age. You should be at least 18 years to apply for the citizenship. In case you want to get citizenship for child under 18, you need to apply for his or her citizenship at the same time you are applying. This is also applicable in case if any of the child’s parents or adoptive parents are the Canadian residents. If the child is permanent resident of Canada, you can apply for his or her Canadian citizenship.

Permanent residence

Next important thing to come in the list of eligibilities is that you should be permanent resident of Canada for at least three years at the time you apply for the country’s citizenship. Apart from the PR status, duration of living in Canada also matters a lot. The only exemption from the standard PR status to get the Canadian Citizenship is job in CAF.

Language ability

English and French are two official languages of Canada and you should know at least one of these languages well to become a citizen of Canada.


Similarly, having knowledge about the custom, culture, symbols, values and main organizations of Canada is important. Knowing better about the country increases your chances of passing the eligibility test and selection for the Canadian citizenship. Apart from this, you should also prepare for the test by learning more about geography, politics, Civics, history, physical and cultural features of the country.

Criminal history

Becoming Canadian citizen is not possible for them who has any kind of criminal history record under following cases –