Canadian Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities

Canadian citizenship ceremony is a special event organized by CIC for offering citizenship certificate to the people who are willing to get citizenship of Canada and eligible for the same. During this ceremony, those people take oath and accept rights and responsibilities of the Canadian citizenship. Citizens of Canada have certain rights and responsibilities; these rights and duties come to them from the history. Being secured by the Canadian law, these rules and duties reflect tradition, values and identity of the country. Rights of the Canadian citizens are as follows which are also called as the Great Charter of Freedoms-

  • Freedom of religion and conscience
  • Freedom of peaceful assembly
  • Freedom of speech and expression
  • Freedom of assembly

Adopted from history, these laws have been passed by the parliament and provincial legislature.

Rights of the Canadian citizenship:

Apart from the Great Charter of Freedoms described above, some rights have been given by the Canadian Government to citizens.. Here is the list of rights offered by the Canadian Constitution to every citizen –

  • Right to mobility – Every citizen has right to live and work anywhere in the country. They can enter and leave the country whenever they want.
  • Right of official language – Both the official languages in Canada i.e. French and English has equal status in the parliament.
  • Right of aboriginal people – the great charter of freedoms will not influence the right of aboriginal people in any manner.
  • Right to adopt cultures – multiculturalism is a fundamental feature of the Canadian heritage. Citizens in the country love to welcome people of different culture and respect their tradition.

Equality in men and women

The Canadian law favors equality among men and women. all kinds of crimes against women are punishable in the country.

Citizenship Responsibilities:

So, the rights and freedoms of the Canadian citizens have been mentioned above already. Now, it comes to the duties a Canadian citizen is expected to fulfill

Following the rules

The first thing expected from every Canadian citizen is following the rules and laws. As the government and citizens can work in collaboration and can be regulated well only through laws, obeying laws is mandatory for every citizen.

Service on a jury

Serving on a jury whenever called is a duty that makes the justice system work without any partiality. It is a legal requirement for every Canadian citizen to serve the jury in need.


It is a right as well as a duty of every Canadian citizen to serve the government by voting in all kind of elections.

Understanding and taking responsibilities

One of the most important duties listed in the Canadian constitution is taking responsibilities and fulfilling them in the best manner. All the citizens there are expected to take their own responsibilities and take care of their families too.

Protection and celebration of heritage

Protecting the heritage and respecting it is an important role every citizen of Canada needs to play.

Defending the country

It is not compulsory to work in Canadian force but choosing the Canadian navy, army or defence force is a noble idea to serve the country.

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